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The Lever Group approach is simple – expert, local advice that is designed to meet the specific individual and business needs of our Darling Downs, Wide Bay Burnett & North Queensland clientele. Our systematic and structured year round contact ensures timely, appropriate and well thought out accounting and taxation advice.

We understand the obstacles you face everyday in your business, and our accounting, taxation, business and financial services cover every angle to overcome these challenges, helping clients from the Darling Downs to far North Queensland achieve their financial goals.

Our Virtual Cabinet Document Portal

We are embracing the future of document management. We are now using a “Virtual Cabinet” cloud solution for secure document exchange. Our Virtual Cabinet allows you to receive, review, sign and return documents digitally in a secure, simple and swift manner. You can also instantly download a copy of your signed paperwork for your records. No more paper!

Documents are signed using a ‘digital signature’. Rather than a scanned version of your own signature. The digital signature is as simple as ticking a box to say that you either accept or decline the document. It is fully encrypted using the very latest AES-256 bit encryption which is completely secure and traceable. It is now accepted in law that this form of digital signature is legally binding and will be confirmed if challenged in a court of law.

Check out a short video demonstration of our new document portal!

Please note that in early 2016 we will cease using email as a method to send sensitive documents and will use the Virtual Cabinet Document Portal as our sole means of digital document delivery



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Types of business structures and which is best for you

September 24, 2020

An important decision to make before you start a business is what structure your business will run under. This will reflect into all facets of your business, so you should spend time understanding the implications of each structure. Sole Proprietorship You have complete control of your business. Your business assets and liabilities are not separate from your personal assets and liabilities. Personally liable for debts and obligations of the business Low-cost structure Partnership Share control and management of business Each partner pays tax on the share of net partnership income each receives Minimal reporting requirements + Inexpensive to set up […]

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